How can you be sure your software is up to date with the latest update?

Software updates are now available to all RTE users, but it is only if you are a subscriber to the premium package that you can access them.

For those who are not, RTE is providing an app on their app store that you need to install. 

The app, called ‘RTE Software Update’, can be downloaded here .

This app allows users to download software updates from the app store, so if you have downloaded RTE’s app before, you will be able to download the update. 

There is no guarantee that the update will actually be available on your device in the future, but RTE have put out a press release about the software update, saying that it is available “for free”.

The company said that users who downloaded RTFs software updates before May 31 can download the app now, and if they do, they will receive the update within 24 hours. 

For those who haven’t downloaded the software before, they can find out more about the update here  The company have also released an update for  the RTE mobile app, which includes new features and new themes.

RTE are also releasing a ‘Live News’ app, and this is a great app to have when you are trying to stay informed of what is going on around you, as you can see below. 

You can download this app here RÉT have also updated the mobile app to include the RÉT News app, giving the app a new look, as well as giving it a new home on the RTe app store. 

This is an app that users can download to listen to live updates from their mobile phone, and it is great if you would like to listen in to the RTS team talking about anything that they have been working on. 

To check if your mobile is up-to-date, simply check the ‘Check for Updates’ box, and you will get an alert telling you whether the update is available on the app. 

 RTE have also added the ability for users to subscribe to the ‘RÉTS App’ which means that if you want to be notified of software updates, you can subscribe to it. 

RÉTE also have an app for the RTF app that is currently available for free, which allows you to download and install the RTT software update.