‘Truck and Trailer’ to get its own FX show on FX, FX Networks

The Truck and the Trailer will be back in the lineup in the fall as a new FX show, “Truck” on FX Networks, has been announced.

The show will feature a new character and new setting and will be set in a new world with new stories and characters.

The show will be co-created by the series’ executive producer, Adam Horowitz and will premiere on FX in October.

“Truck’s” executive producer Adam Horowitz said in a statement that he and FX Networks President/CEO John Landgraf have worked closely together on the show and are thrilled to announce this exciting development.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing our truck-based adventure to FX Networks and excited to finally introduce Truck to our loyal FX and FXN viewers,” Horowitz added.

“We are excited to be able to continue to explore new worlds and characters in Truck and Trailer, and look forward to the exciting future ahead.”

The show’s production team, which includes the original creators of the series, are set to be back on board, along with producers for the rest of the season.

The truck and trailer series has been a popular series on FX for years, with each episode of the show being filled with action and suspense, and has been seen by many fans.

The first season of the Truck and the Trailers series ran for seven seasons on FX.

The series also features original series and characters from the show’s past.