When it comes to Microsoft’s new augmented reality headset, the company needs to build a more cohesive platform, writes Mike Isaac.

Microsoft is planning to launch its first augmented reality glasses within the next two years.

While Microsoft says its glasses will be “smart,” they’ll likely rely on software to do the heavy lifting.

The company’s new HoloLens, which has been revealed, will require developers to “use AI to understand the environment,” according to the company.

The company has previously said it will offer “multiple, consistent and integrated solutions,” such as Microsoft Glass, which is currently available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

HoloLens also offers a headset that will allow users to “see” objects on the screen.

Microsoft has yet to announce pricing or release dates for its augmented reality headsets, but we’ve learned they’ll be similar to its Windows 10 headsets.

It will likely be at least three years before Microsoft’s first product is released, according to TechCrunch.

When you’re not working, check out what’s on in the software industry

By Emily HirschfeldtMay 18, 2018 05:37:06Software engineers are getting a lot of attention these days as a whole, but what are the jobs that are often overlooked?

A new job posting posted on LinkedIn by the software engineering group Accel Software lists a few of them:Hardware engineer,software engineering,software,software developer,software product managerSource: LinkedIn via TechCrunchThe job description, which also includes an image of a desk, says that the position is an entry level one that requires at least two years of experience and a bachelor’s degree in software engineering.

The job title includes a list of other areas of expertise, including “software product development,” “systems architecture,” and “software design.”

The resume includes some of the same references that the LinkedIn posting mentions, including a recent job posting from the same software engineering company.

The position pays $35,000 a year, but LinkedIn says it offers incentives like stock options, 401(k) match, and other perks.

That makes the job a lot more attractive to candidates who want to make their living in the tech industry.

The LinkedIn listing doesn’t mention the software engineer position specifically, but a search for Accel software found an employment ad for it in May, along with another listing for the software product manager job.

It also includes a link to the job posting for Acetech software engineer, and it says that “any experience required to be hired is a plus.”