What to do if you’re lost in the woods after the storm – here’s how to get back home

By Andrew Rippon, BBC News NI, DublinPublished Monday, September 13, 2019 14:39:53Northern Ireland’s second-largest city of Belfast has been left without power for more than an hour after a powerful storm knocked out electricity in the city.

In a statement, the city said it had “lost power to approximately 5,500 homes and businesses”.

The city’s main road had been shut for more then a mile, while roads in other parts of the city had also been closed.

Power is expected to be restored in the town of Kildare on Monday night.

The National Grid says that the number of homes in Northern Ireland without power was around 7,000 at the time of the storm, but has now dropped to around 3,000.

The Stormont Executive said power would be restored to about 2,000 homes by 8pm.

The Irish Times has been told that many people have been left stranded in the hills near Kildares main street.

The city said the majority of homes were in residential areas.

A woman said: “I’ve lost my home.

My house has been destroyed and we don’t know where we are.”

Irish broadcaster RTE reported that electricity lines were “littered with broken lights, wires, power lines and power lines were dangling”.

Power had been restored to the rest of the town and around the city around 9:00pm.