Which is better? You can choose which you want, but what about the software?

With the recent release of Windows 10, there are plenty of options for software developers to choose from.

And with the arrival of Microsoft’s new Surface tablet, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best alternatives.

We’ll start with the most popular options:1.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC2.

Adobe After Effects CC3.

Adobe Lightroom CC4.

Apple Cinema CC5.

Microsoft Office 365 7.

Microsoft Excel 2016 10.

Microsoft Word 2016 11.

Adobe Photoshop CC1.

Microsoft Silverlight 1.

Microsoft Edge Pro 2.

Microsoft Lync Pro 3.

Adobe Fireworks CC4, 5, 7, 8.

Adobe InDesign CC5, 6, 7.

Adobe AIR CC6, 8, 10.

Adobe Cinema CC9, 10, 11, 12.

Adobe Illustrator CC12.

Adobe Corel Photoshop CC13.

Adobe Fusion CC14.

Adobe CC 15.

Microsoft Powerpoint CC16.

Microsoft OneNote CC17.

Adobe Acrobat CC18.

Microsoft Corel CC19.

Adobe Color CC20.

Adobe Flash CC21.

Microsoft Internet Explorer CC22.

Microsoft Skype CC23.

Microsoft Outlook CC24.

Microsoft SharePoint CC25.

Microsoft Access CC26.

Microsoft Exchange CC27.

Microsoft SQL Server CC28.

Microsoft Azure AD Connect 29.

Microsoft SkyDrive CC30.

Microsoft Cloud Center CC31.

Microsoft WebApp CC32.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 CC33.

Adobe Photos CC34.

Adobe Creative Cloud CC35.

Adobe Video Converter CC36.

Adobe Powerpoint Live CC37.

Adobe AirPrint CC38.

Microsoft LiveScript CC39.

Microsoft Photoshop CC40.

Adobe Expression CC41.

Adobe PhotoShop CC42.

Adobe GIMP CC43.

Adobe Pixlr CC44.

Microsoft Acrobat Live CC45.

Microsoft Illustrator Live CC46.

Microsoft Pages CC47.

Microsoft Code 2017 CC48.

Microsoft Visio 2017 CC49.

Microsoft Expression CC50.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM CC51.

Microsoft Intune 2017 CC52.

Microsoft Microsoft Access 2017 CC53.

Microsoft Teams CC54.

Microsoft Mail 2017 CC55.

Microsoft PowerPoint CC56.

Microsoft Works 2017 CC57.

Microsoft Windows Live CC58.

Microsoft Workflow CC59.

Adobe Reader CC60.

Adobe Studio CC61.

Adobe Translator CC62.

Adobe PDF CC63.

Adobe EPUB CC64.

Adobe Atom CC65.

Microsoft Adobe Connect CC66.

Microsoft Inbox CC67.

Microsoft Calendar CC68.

Microsoft Search CC69.

Microsoft News CC70.

Microsoft Calculator CC71.

Microsoft Xbox Live CC72.

Microsoft Movies CC73.

Microsoft Paint CC74.

Microsoft Publisher CC75.

Microsoft Store CC76.

Microsoft YouTube CC77.

Microsoft Project Mobile CC78.

Microsoft Bing CC79.

Microsoft Photos CC80.

Microsoft Hangouts CC81.

Microsoft Groupon CC82.

Microsoft Band CC83.

Microsoft Play Movies CC84.

Microsoft Game Center CC85.

Microsoft Chat CC86.

Microsoft Garage CC87.

Microsoft Solitaire CC88.

Microsoft Games Store CC89.

Microsoft Tidal CC90.

Microsoft Voice CC91.

Microsoft Health CC92.

Microsoft Weather CC93.

Microsoft Wallet CC94.

Microsoft Wunderlist CC95.

Microsoft Music CC96.

Microsoft Surface CC97.

Microsoft Studio CC98.

Microsoft Developer Studio CC99.

Microsoft .NET Standard CC100.

Microsoft ASP.NET Core CC101.

Microsoft Active Directory Connect CC102.

Microsoft Connect CC103.

Microsoft Data Center CC104.

Microsoft Identity 2017 CC105.

Microsoft Security Essentials CC106.

Microsoft Server 2016 CC107.

Microsoft Service Management CC108.

Microsoft Application Development Kit CC109.

Microsoft DevOps Tools CC110.

Microsoft Deployment Toolkit CC111.

Microsoft Sysinternals CC112.

Microsoft PowerShell CC113.

Microsoft AppFabric 2017 CC114.

Microsoft Graphite CC115.

Microsoft Hyper-V 2017 CC116.

Microsoft VBScript 2017 CC117.

Microsoft Xamarin 2017 CC118.

Microsoft Angular 2 2017 CC119.

Microsoft Racket 2016 CC120.

Microsoft Node.js 2017 CC121.

Microsoft MVC 2017 CC122.

Microsoft Forms 2016 CC123.

Microsoft Express 2017 CC124.

Microsoft Ruby on Rails 2017 CC125.

Microsoft Entity Framework 5 2017 CC126.

Microsoft Spring Boot 2017 CC127.

Microsoft C# 2017 CC128.

Microsoft Python 2017 CC129.

Microsoft Hibernate 2017 CC130.

Microsoft Bash 2017 CC131.

Microsoft PHP 2017 CC132.

Microsoft JSON 2017 CC133.

Microsoft Swift 2017 CC134.

Microsoft MySQL 2017 CC135.

Microsoft F# 2017 2017 CC136.

Microsoft JavaScript 2017 CC137.

Microsoft JScript 2017 18.0.0 2017.2.0 2016.0 2015.0 2014.0 2013.0 2012.0 2011.0 2010.0 2009.0 2008.0 2007.0 2006.0 2005.0 2004.0 2003.0 2002