‘This is the real deal’: New UK security scanner for laptops is being tested in the UK

A new UK security software company is testing the use of a scanner in the United Kingdom to find malware.

The company, ScanGuard, said it was testing a new scanner on devices running Windows 10 and is working with the UK government to make sure it works in the country.

“We’ve been working with UK Government officials for a while now and we’re confident that this will be a good fit for the UK,” said ScanGuard CEO Nick Pryce.

“This is a new approach to security and it is not based on an outdated technology, but rather on the latest and most accurate techniques.”

It said it is working closely with the government to ensure the scanner works well in the coming months.

UK security is on the rise, with cyber attacks on the financial sector and a wave of ransomware threatening the UK economy.

The country has been hit by a wave a ransomware attack last month which infected more than 1.6 million people and caused more than £1 billion ($1.8 billion) in damage.

Last week the US National Security Agency warned it was monitoring the use and spread of ransomware.

The government has been taking measures to ensure that it is aware of the growing threat.

Earlier this year, the Government said it would work with the technology industry to develop a security tool that would help detect and deter ransomware attacks.