All-time best deck designs

By Matt Evans – 7 May 2017The BBC Sport All-Time Best Deck Design Software series has been running since 2007, and features the very best decks from around the world.

We’ll look at the best deck design from the last decade, the last 10 years and the last 25 years.

In 2019 we’ve added a new section called Deck Design, featuring some of the best decks created in the last ten years.

This year’s featured decks are:The Top 10 deck designs of 2019The 10 best decks of 2019In 2019 the best of the year was in fact the Top 10 best deck lists.

With the release of the new Year of the Rabbit (2018) we were able to take a look at all the decks from this year, with a lot of them featured on our list of the Top Ten Best Deck Lists of 2019.

As the first half of 2019 was all about the new year, the second half was all the more exciting.

In addition to the new deck lists we had some great tournaments and events to look forward to.

In the new years Best of 2018, 2019 and 2020 we had the chance to look at some of our favourites from each of the five years.

Here’s our list for 2019:The best of 2019 is a great reminder of how fantastic the last year was.

There were plenty of exciting new decks released for us to pick through, including some of my favourite decks from the first decade.

There’s no doubt that there’s a lot to love in this year’s best decks, from the new versions of classics like Grixis Delver to more modern take-downs like Bant Delver.

As with any deck list, the most important thing is to consider the cards you want to play.

For this year I was hoping to see the next big decks from Amonkhet (in the form of Storm, Bant, Infect and Affinity), but in the end it was Bant Control, the new version of Infect from Amonks.

The list that we saw this year was really good, and I’m sure it’s a contender for the best list in the game right now.

Here are a few highlights from the top ten decks from 2019:It was a great year for the Standard format.

In total, there were 16 decks featured in the Top 25 and Top 40.

Some of them are the big guns of the format, while others are the more accessible decks.

We had the likes of Storm and Infect, while the other four decks had a mix of the two.

While there were no decks that we didn’t like, there was also some that were very well played.

Here are the Top 100 decks from our Top 100 list.

There were many exciting decks in 2019.

The deck that came out on top was a little bit of everything, from Bant to Infect to the more experimental decks like Storm and Bant.

It was a tough year for new decks, as we had to play against some of them, but overall I’m quite pleased with what was achieved.

The list for the first two rounds of the World Championship is a bit of a departure from the other two versions of the deck, but I’m happy to see it’s been chosen for this year.

It’s not a deck I’ve played in quite a while, but it was a big improvement from the previous version.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever played a deck that looked so much like it.

The only other deck that I would have considered would have been Infect, as the Infect decks that I have played before were usually pretty slow.

I’m not sure how well Infect is going to do in the tournament, but with the number of new decks coming into the format in the first months of the season, it should be a good test for the new decks.

Here’s a look back at the Top 50 decks from last year:It’s a bit disappointing to see that the number one deck from the World Championships this year is Grixi Delver, a deck with the reputation of being a bit slow.

That said, the deck is not a bad one, especially if you’re a fan of the Infect theme.

I don, and don’t like G2, but there’s nothing wrong with playing Grixas Delver if you want.

We’re happy to take our time to decide what we’re playing, but the cards are worth trying.

I think we’ll have some good games against this deck this year in the coming weeks.

Here is the Top 200 deck list from the 2018 World Championship.

There was a lot going on in the next two weeks of the tournament and a lot happened to some of those decks.

This list is not the only one to make it onto the list, but is the one I’m most excited about.

The new decks we saw in the World Cup were not as good as the ones we saw at the previous World Championship, but that’s OK because there’s plenty of new stuff coming out in the future.

The deck that won the World Series