Amazon, Google to Create New Software Companies to Capture Big Data Sources Bloomberg

Amazon and Google are joining forces to create software companies that can work on large data sets and help users identify the sources of those data sets.

The new companies will focus on providing software that can analyze and analyze the data, including images, videos, audio, geospatial data, and text.

They will be led by Google, which will be the largest of the two companies, according to people familiar with the matter.

Amazon will create a new company called Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop the software, which it plans to launch in 2018, the people said.

Google will develop software for AWS, which has about 60 employees.

Both companies have been looking to add data analytics to their cloud computing offerings.

Amazon and its competitors have struggled to compete with Microsoft Corp.’s Azure cloud computing platform and Google’s Open Data platform.

The companies have said they intend to focus on creating new data-analytics software and services that could be built into the Amazon cloud, where they have invested in data centers.

Amazon announced last year that it had entered a licensing agreement with a data analytics company called Kaggle.

The deal, which expires in 2020, includes a commitment to work together on a project that will use Amazon Web Service’s tools.