Free software draws inspiration from the iPhone

Free software drawing software like Free Draw and Pencil is being praised by people who use the iPhone.

“I think the free software drawing program Free Draw has inspired me to create more than just a simple pencil and paper drawing program,” said Pencil user Daniel O’Connor.

The Free Draw app has been downloaded more than 40 million times and more than 60 million times on Mac and Windows.

This has resulted in the development of a variety of drawing applications, including a Pencil app for iPad, a Pen Tool for Windows, and a Free Draw for Android.

Free Draw creator Matt Kibler says Free Draw inspired him to create Free Draw because it allows users to create a sketch that they can share with friends.

He said the application draws inspiration not just from the phone, but also from the iPad, the iPhone and the Mac.

Pencil users can draw on the screen using a touch interface or use a stylus.

Users can choose a brush type and shape, and can add lines and shapes to the sketch.

Included in the Free Draw subscription are Free Draw 2.0 and Free Draw 3.0.

Kibler said Free Draw offers a “high-quality, scalable drawing experience”, as well as a “pretty cool design” and features that help users find the right drawing tool for their needs.

Mr Kiblers said the Pencil and Free Pencil apps have helped him draw more with a brush and the ability to draw using the screen, rather than a tablet or a mouse.

Kiblers uses Free Draw to draw his drawings, and said he used Free Draw on the iPad to draw some of his own artwork.

”I think I am a pretty good pen artist, I do the whole drawing, then I draw it with Pencil or Free Draw,” he said.

While the free drawing app has drawn many attention, Free Draw’s creator has been criticised for the way it has been marketed.

Apple recently pulled Free Draw from its App Store, following complaints about its advertising.

A survey by the Australian Media Entertainment Council found that a majority of Australians (52 per cent) thought Free Draw should have been removed.

However, Free Pen Tool and FreeDraw users have not always been happy with the company, who claim they have been unfairly criticised for their free drawing application.

On the Free PenTool forum, FreeDraw creator Matt O’Connell said the company is not responsible for the adverts that are displayed on the site.

When contacted by, FreePenTool said it was reviewing its adverts and did not know of any complaints against the company.