How to fix YouTube’s video playback issues

An online video player that was designed to take full advantage of video editing software on computers and mobile devices can sometimes play video with poor quality and glitches.

YouTube, maker of the popular video streaming service, announced Wednesday that it is making changes to its video playback software that will resolve issues with the video player.

The changes include a new version of the Player software that was released in January that includes new features like video transcoding.

YouTube says the video transcoder improves video playback quality by removing artifacts that make video appear choppy or slow, as well as eliminating some artifacts that could interfere with video playback.

The changes are not yet live on YouTube’s YouTube app, which is available in the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.

YouTube says the new video transcoders are available in a number of different versions, and the video will be released on Tuesday.

The new video player will be a part of the latest version of YouTube Video, which was released last month.

YouTube launched the new version in April to improve video playback in some video editing apps.

In addition to the new Player software, YouTube says it is updating the video editing app, called YouTube Video Maker, to include video transcodes.

YouTube also released a statement Wednesday about the video quality issues.

We know many of you are frustrated with the performance of the video playback of the YouTube Video Player.

As we continue to work with the YouTube team to improve performance, we will share more information as it becomes available.

The video quality improvements will help improve your video playback experience.

In the meantime, please try to watch the video you are currently viewing in the YouTube app and check out YouTube’s new Player for a better experience.

YouTube said the video decoding improvements will only work on devices that have the latest video transcode software available, and that it does not include any hardware that has not been certified by the International Telecommunication Union.

YouTube said it does have hardware that does not have video transcoded.