How to find the best way to find your perfect gift for a special person

A new facial recognition technology allows you to instantly find the perfect gift to bring home for a loved one or someone special.

The technology, called facial recognition, has been developed by an Israeli startup and allows users to scan photos or videos of people and text them to their phones.

This can then be used to match them up to someone.

To use the technology, you scan a photo or video of a person and then enter the text or number that you want to match.

The software will then give you an exact match.

It can be used with people who live in the same area or people who are close friends or family members.

In some cases, this will allow the person you want the gift to match up with to see a picture of them together.

You can also use the software to find a specific person who you want a gift to be for.

“It’s like a Google Glass-like thing that lets you instantly match up people who you have an emotional connection with,” said Shimon Cohen, founder of Yair.

“It’s just a lot easier.”

Yair also developed a program to identify your favorite food and place.

In this program, it automatically detects the food or places that you are looking for and then matches you up with them, giving you personalized gifts.

For example, if you want something like a gift card to a favorite restaurant, you can just type in the restaurant name and then click on the card.

The company said it is working on adding features that will allow it to help people make sense of what they are seeing.

It is also looking into ways to give away items for people to share with friends.

This article originally appeared on Entertainment Weekly.