Google Antivirus Software and Quickbooks Software for Windows, Mac and Linux, free for 10 months

Quickbooks software for Windows and Mac, which was previously only available in China, has been removed from the market.

The software was removed from Quickbooks, its website, the company’s China-based official website, and a Google search for the software revealed it was no longer available.

It was previously available on the Google Play Store, Google Play, and the Windows Store.

Google said the software had been removed because it did not meet the companys quality standards.

 “In line with our long-standing commitment to protecting customers’ data, we have now removed the Quickbooks app from Google Play and other Android and Windows Store apps,” the company said.

“This includes apps for smartphones and tablets that may contain malware or potentially unsafe software.

We appreciate our customers’ patience as we continue to monitor the situation.”

 The company did not provide a reason for the removal.

The removal comes just weeks after Google launched its own security suite, which includes a suite of anti-virus and anti-malware tools.

Microsoft, meanwhile, said its Windows Defender, which has been in use for more than a decade, would be coming to Android.

The company said it would launch its own Windows Defender in the first quarter of 2019.